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The biggest Russian open-air festival joining jazz, blues, soul, funk, fusion, world music and other directions of contemporary improvised music
Usadba Jazz Moscow

The 16th International Music Festival and one of the largest open-airs in Russia will be held on June 22-23. It's a real celebration of music, arts and joyous mood, inspiring tens of thousands of people every year, will welcome all guests in 2019 at a new location: Kolomenskoye Estate.

Sixteen years is a good test of maturity, marking the Festival's coming of age: from the very first independent steps, the first realization that we can do it on our own, to the sought-after freedom and serious responsibility that comes with it. Also, of course, this is a new beginning! So, after USADBA JAZZ has loudly and cheerfully celebrated its 15th anniversary at the Arkhangelskoye Estate, gathering some 28,000 people and 500 musicians from 20 countries on one stage, it enters the next phase in its life.

A new site, a radical revamp of image, and a host of various, primarily musical, surprises and incredible transformations – this is a small part of what awaits both loyal fans of USADBA JAZZ and newcomers who are about to join their ranks.

As always, the USADBA JAZZ Festival brings together a whole array of flamboyant and creative people – actors, directors, artists, poets, and designers. The most ambitious performances and spectacular artistic work combined with a unique natural setting – something really to look forward to!

In addition to music, guests are always eagerly awaiting what the market, food courts and varied entertainments for the whole family have to offer, including a special programme for the youngest guests. By the way, admission for children under the age of 10 is traditionally free.

Life doesn't stand still, but time-tested events remain with us, and so is USADBA JAZZ with its unique atmosphere of love, friendship and shared creativity.

June 23, Usadba Jazz Festival
Black Eyed Peas who released their first single back in 1995, are today one of the most successful bands of all time, selling more than 76 million records worldwide.

The virtuoso rap delivery by, and Taboo, mixing together funk, EDM, hip-hop, Latin, and killer pop hooks – the Black Eyed Peas seem to have discovered a magic formula that allows them to make it to the top of the charts with each release. They always shot without a miss: already the first big hit Where's the Love, recorded with Justin Timberlake, received two Grammy nominations and ranked 8th on the Billboard chart. The album Elephunk topped the charts of several countries and remained number one on the UK album charts for 7 weeks. The long play Monkey Business that appeared two years later, was even more successful: this album went three times platinum in the States, more than 11 million copies were sold worldwide, and the group received a Grammy in the nomination "Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group" (for the song Don't Phunk With My Heart).

n 2009, the group's fifth studio album was released, called The E.N.D. (Energy Never Dies), where the Black Eyed Peas turned to a more electronic sound – the futuristic electro-funk track Boom Boom Pow stayed in the top of the Billboard chart for 12 weeks, and The E.N.D. became multiplatinum. And in 2010, at the 52nd Grammy Awards, the Black Eyed Peas won in three nominations: Album of the Year, Best Pop Vocal Album, Best Short Form Music Video. At the ceremony, they sang the songs Imma Be and I Gotta Feeling. And, by the way, it didn't go without further records: the song I Gotta Feeling, considered to be the best-selling track of all time on iTunes, became the first-ever song legally downloaded more than 6 million times.

After a pause of almost ten years, Black Eyed Peas returned with a new album and a new sound. Having recruited old-school MCs like Slick Rick, Nas, Posdnuos from the De La Soul band, and Phife Dawg from A Tribe Called Quest, the group went back to their hip-hop roots and released a record with the sound reminiscent of the golden era of the 1990s with its fashion for acid-jazz and trip-hop. Fans who knew the Black Eyed Peas before they were world famous were reminded that initially, it was a New York hip-hop band – and they didn't forget what it takes.

This summer we will again see in Russia the group that has already made a huge impact in the history of pop music, but, despite its status, is not afraid to reinvent itself and take risks with commercial success. No doubt, it's one of the major concerts of the year and an event that is not to be missed!

Greet the Black Eyed Peas on June 23, on the Parterre Stage of the Usadba Jazz Festival!

Michael Kiwanuka
June 22, Usadba Jazz Festival
Michael Kiwanuka to Perform on the Parterre Stage on June 22th

From the very first lines of the songs, his voice takes listeners to the golden era of soul music- to the times when the best work of Marvin Gay, Otis Redding and other singers of the 1970s were made.

Kiwanuka was born in North London into a family of refugees from Uganda. His musical interests from the very beginning were eclectic: from John Lennon to Nina Simon, from Bob Dylan to the psychedelic rockers of Tame Impala. Before giving his first solo concert at 22 years old, he had worked as a session guitarist for a while. But after two years of playing in small clubs, Kiwanuka was invited by Adele to be a supporting act on her tour. In the same 2011, the young musician signed with the Polydor label, and his life changed dramatically.

His debut album Home Again, released in 2012, received excellent press reviews and gold status in the UK (over 70,000 copies were sold).

Kiwanuka's second album was even more successful than the previous one: Love & Hate created in collaboration with the well-known producer Danger Mouse, was nominated for Britain's most prestigious music award, Mercury, and made it to the top albums lists of NME, The Guardian, BBC Radio 6. At the same time, his heartfelt pieces began to play on-screen: the song Cold Little Heart appeared in the HBO TV series Big Little Lies, and another hit, Black Man in a White World - in a Netflix series The Get Down created by Baz Luhrmann, dedicated to the history of hip-hop culture in the 1970s South Bronx.

Today Kiwanuka's music videos have millions of views on Youtube, and last year he performed at one of London's most prestigious venues – the Royal Albert Hall. But the success, it seems, did not get into his head.

«The first gigs I played in clubs largely determined how I perform today», - Kiwanuka says. «I want to be as close to people as possible, to maintain a close relationship with them, to be a little bit vulnerable, no matter what venue I'm playing at».

This summer, for the first time, the Russian audience will be able to feel the magic of his music – at the Usadba Jazz Festival in Kolomenskoye.
Dhafer Youssef
June 23, Usadba Jazz Festival
An Alchemist of the World Music

Dhafer Youssef believes in the original purpose of human beings. "If you are a classical musician, you study all your life to achieve mastery. But a jazz musician needs to be born - he is either there or not," Yousef says in an interview. Music surrounded the future world music superstar from early childhood: his father was a muezzin – a servant of the mosque, calling Muslims to prayer. Therefore, Arab vocal traditions, and most importantly, the attitude to his work as a spiritual practice were in Youssef's blood. But there was one more thing: radio in the kitchen that played music from many different countries. "I listened to everything indiscriminately: rock, classical, Indian, Brazilian, African music," recalls Youssef. But the major revelation for him was jazz. "This music has changed me, it allowed you to be yourself. Duke Ellington, Charlie Parker, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holliday – all of them still inspire me."

Since 1990, Youssef has lived in Europe: mostly in Vienna and Paris. His instrument, the ancient lute called oud, with its history going back 5,000 years, is rarely heard in jazz. Thanks to an unusual combination of traditional Arabic music and jazz, Youssef quickly became famous and began playing with famous European jazz musicians such as trumpeter Paolo Fresu, pianists Tigran Hamasyan and Bugge Wesseltoft, and many others. To record his new album, Sounds of Mirrors, Youssef invited a real dream team: a genius of the Indian tabla Zakir Hussain, a Turkish virtuoso of the clarinet Hüsnü Şenlendirici, and a Norwegian guitarist Eivind Aarset, whose ambient otherworldly passages adorned Youssef's earlier albums as well. "Based on the Indian tradition, I felt I could do something all-inclusive. This recording for me is an ode to friendship and the sense of brotherhood. When we played together, I felt we were kindred spirits reflecting each other. Hence the name: Sounds of Mirrors".

«The older you get, the less you need to explain your music», says Dhafer Youssef. The Sounds of Mirrors album does not really require lengthy annotations: swing and meditation, Youssef's deep voice that seems to be leading the listener along an invisible ladder upwards, incredible skill and spirituality in each note - all this creates an unforgettable musical experience that will be brought to you on the Aristocrat Stage of the Usadba Jazz Festival in Kolomenskoye, on June 23.
Ivan Dorn
June 23, Usadba Jazz Festival
On June 23, Ivan Dorn will perform on the Parterre Stage with the Jazzy Funky Dorn programme.

Jazz-funk is a territory of musical freedom and Dorn's cherished dreams. The lineup of his band has been expanded to include violinists kissed by Jamiroquai, and trumpeters who fled from Ellington in search of a refreshingly new sound.

You can expect a very special sound, songs that have become undeniable hits, and some very daring arrangements.

Ivan Dorn is a musical phenomenon free from the constraints of any particular style, always unexpected, like a blow of the wind. What Ivan Dorn's the first-ever performance at the festival will be like is anybody's guess.

Not something to easily forget, that's for certain!
Jamie Cullum
June 23, Usadba Jazz Festival
Jamie Callum is a real Renaissance man: he is a jazz pianist and vocalist, showman, cinema music composer, photographer, radio (BBC Radio 2) and TV (VH1 and BBC) presenter. His talents have been acknowledged with numerous awards: from Grammy and Golden Globe to awards in the radio broadcasting industry. He started his career as a pianist at weddings, family parties and bar mitzvahs, and today he has become the most successful British jazzman in history, who has sold over 10 million records worldwide.

His debut album under the ironic title Heard It All Before (it includes timeless classics like Ellington's Caravan and Cole Porter's song Love for Sale) Callum recorded for only 480 pounds – 500 copies came out, that now fetch handsome prices in online auctions. His second long play Pointless Nostalgic was awarded gold status in the UK and attracted some major labels attention: as a result, Callum signed a million-dollar contract with Universal. Along with colourful versions of the immortal hits by Gershwin, Thelonious Monk, and Radiohead, there were also his own songs like I Want to Be a Popstar that concludes the album.

No sooner said than done! Since 2003, Callum has played solo at major festivals and has shared the stage with such musicians as Stevie Wonder, Pharrell Williams, Amy Winehouse. He started hosting a live music program on BBC Radio 2, with guests like Sir Paul McCartney, Herbie Hancock, Lars Ulrich (the Metallica drummer), and many other legends.

Jamie performed at a private event hosted by Elizabeth II on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of her accession to the throne. He made recordings with superstar DJs like Sander Kleinenberg and released a video for Rihanna's song Don't Stop the Music with the exploding piano. He helped Clint Eastwood record the soundtrack for the Gran Torino movie and, together with his brother Ben, wrote a new soundtrack for the West End production of the musical When Harry Meets Sally. A showman who has travelled from small gigs to the main stage at Glastonbury, in his concerts, Callum always gives the audience more than what is expected of him: he will start up in a masterful long solo, then tap a complicated rhythm on the lid of his piano, or rush around the scene like a wounded beast, barely stopping short of stage diving.

Do not miss: the Aristocrat Stage of Usadba Jazz, June 23, Britain's No. 1 jazzman Jamie Callum!
Caro Emerald
June 23, Usadba Jazz Festival
Since the release of the 2010 multi-platinum debut album «Deleted Scenes From The Cutting Room Floor» Caro Emerald and producers David Schreurs and Jan van Wieringen at Grandmono have fashioned their own niche, blending retro jazz with sampling and modern pop, starring Caro's exceptional vocals. The result is a truly unique signature sound.

Second album «The Shocking Miss Emerald» entered the Official UK Album Chart at No. 1 in May 2013, remaining in the chart for an entire year. With more than 2.5 million record sales, a host of awards (including an Echo, Goldene Kamera, Edison Award, EBBA & MTV Music Award), and a string of sold out tours and performances at festivals throughout Europe including Glastonbury and Isle of Wight, Caro has made her mark.

The vocalist is an original pop star with the look of a Hollywood icon of yesteryear and a voice that oozes warmth and vitality. Her live performance is not to be missed – as The Daily Telegraph noted "Caro Emerald had everyone in the palm of her hand'' and her "infectious sense of fun and vintage charm can be relied on to lift the spirits". This new tour follows her acclaimed Emerald Island tour in 2017. Caro recently performed at Cheltenham Jazz Festival in May, at Quincy Jones' 85th birthday concert at the O2 in June and Cornbury Festival in July.
June 22, Usadba Jazz Festival
A Young Dutch Diva with a Southern Temperament

Five years ago, looking sharp with her shaven head, Sharon Kovacs took over the European charts in one go: her single My Love, partially recorded in Cuba, resembled a song for James Bond movies, while her passionate low voice was reminiscent of Shirley Bessie, Billie Holiday and other iconic singers of the 20th century. Kovacs' Shades of Black debut album hit the charts in 36 countries and led the charts in her native Holland.

Since then attention to her work has never waned: Kovacs got a modeling contract with Viva Paris agency, performed as a supporting act for Robbie Williams, and released her second record Cheap Smell – with even more "shades of black". This album turned out to be extremely frank: there was a place in it for songs about strange romantic relationships, drugs, about meeting her father whom she didn't know growing up (Mama & Papa). "As a result of working on Cheap Smell came the realization that I should enjoy what I am," Kovacs says, "and even embrace those of my traits that can hardly be regarded as ideal." Behind her somewhat brutal looks and coarse intonation hides a sensitive and vulnerable person – this is definitely part of her appeal to fans throughout Europe. Over time, their numbers have increased exponentially, and Russia is no exception – you can witness it for yourself at her concert on June 22 this year, at Usadba Jazz in Kolomenskoye.
In previous years Usadba Jazz Festival featured:
Marcus Miller (USA), Avishai Cohen Trio (Israel), Branford Marsalis Quartet (USA), Charlie Hunter Trio (USA), The Brand New Heavies (United Kingdom), Yusef Lateef & Belmondo Quintet (USA-France), Jazzanova Live! (Germany), Trilok Gurtu (India), Zap Mama (Belgium), Jimi Tenor (Finland), Lucky Peterson (USA), John Scofield (USA), Puppini Sisters (United Kingdom), Earth, Wind & Fire Experience feat AL McKAY (USA), The Herbaliser (United Kingdom), Pink Martini (USA), Angélique Kidjo (France), Matthew Herbert (United Kingdom), Nicola Conte (Italy), Robert Glasper (USA), Richard Bona Group (USA), Kenny Garrett (USA), Yaron Herman Trio (Fr)
In 2014 the ambitious New Orleans Jazz Festival was the part of Usadba Jazz festival. As a tribute to jazz mother city, the organizers invited Donald Harrisson, Tara Evans. Hot 8 Band and other notable New Orleans musicians as well as zydeco dancers and chefs from Louisiana to Moscow. For one day one could feel the spirit of jazz motherland just near Moscow.
In 2015 the festival was held in Moscow in the spaceous Tsaritsyno park, the residence of Catherine the Great, the Empress of Russia. Among the artists performing at Usadba Jazz in 2015 were: Tony Allen (France), Omer Avital (Israel), Hiatus Kaiyote (Australia), Igor Butman (Russia), Jones Falily Singers (USA), Mathias Eick Quintet (Norway).

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