Usadba Jazz Sochi

2016 saw Usadba Jazz team reaching new heights! The first ever festival was established in Roza Khutor, a mountain resort near Sochi, home of Winter Olympics 2014. The main stage was placed 1600 meters above the sea with the magnificent Caucasus mountains all around it. For almost a week there was a celebration of creativity, excellent music and healthy lifestyle: the visitors could enjoy live performances by Brazilian diva Ellen Oleria, Russian indie-gods Therr Maitz and many other fine musicians. They could also go skiing or visit the forum for Russian music industry professionals, hang out at late night after-parties with endless music jams and breathe fresh morning air in mountains. In Roza Khutor, nature and music went together in sweet harmony, whereas Usadba Jazz team has again proven that there is no mountain high enough for it!
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