Usadba Jazz Voronezh

Voronezh is known as the capital of Black Earth region, the heart of rural Russia. A beautiful city with many churches and monasteries, it is also known for its aircraft plant, where the first ever supersonic air jet TU-144 was constructed. For three years in a row, Usadba Jazz opens its doors to the local audience. The festival is based near the neo-gothic Oldenburgsky castle (1883-1887), the estate of duchess Elena Romanovskaya (Oldenburgskaya), who played a very important role in the local life. Bossy and authoritarian, she was remembered by local peasants and working people for a long time after her passing, and as the word goes, up to this day the ghost of her is wandering restlessly around the castle.
It is, however, pleasant and peaceful outside in the garden. And usually it's pretty hot too: in 2016 the temperature rose up to 36 Celsius (96 Farenheit) at the day of the festival! Apart from musicians, Usadba Jazz in Voronezh attracts all sorts of creative people: poets, artists, designers and such. You can say that there are many festivals within one: Usadba Jazz is the place where people from different fields meet, exchange ideas and collaborate. Line up for the festival is usually a mixture of famous Russian artists (for example, Alexey Arkhipovsky, world-famous genius of balalaika) and jazzmen from around the world, such as US multi-instrumentalist Evan Marien and drummer Dana Hawkins, Israeli pianist Omer Klein or French Benjamin Faugloire Trio.
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